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Nu: Paperboard

Nu: Paperboard's unique and premium product is perfect for the gift, loyalty and membership cards market.

Created from replenish-able raw materials it represents a great opportunity for environmentally aware businesses to offer sustainable printed products and reduce plastic consumption. 

Nu: Paperboard is:

  • 100% FSC Certified
  • 100% Biodegradable 
  • 100% Compostable

Nu: eCard - The alternative to PVC cards

The Nu: eCard is the perfect solution for consumers looking for an environmentally friendly product with the properties of traditional plastic cards. Made from 60% chalk and 40% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Nu:ecard is the first commercially viable yet “green” alternative to 100% PVC cards.

Cards produced on Nu: eCard look and feel identical to a standard PVC card and can be produced with magnetic stripes, barcodes, personalization, embossing, punching and drilling. Nu: eCardis recyclable and made from sustainable and renewable raw materials using a waterless production process with low energy consumption in manufacturing. It is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, uses no acid, alkaline, bleach or phthalates in production, and its polyethylene content has a minimal ecological impact.

The 85% PVC-free option (with a PVC overlay) is price neutral to standard PVC, and a 100% PVC-free option (with a PET-G overlay) is available for a minimal premium.