Nu Agencies offer a range of predominantly plastic products for the graphics industry with a particularly emphasis on the plastic card manufacturing industry. We do however also offer a range of complimentary paper based products. Some of the materials we specialise in are listed below, but please do not hesitate to contact should you be interested in other printable materials.

Products offered:

  • Nu eCard – a unique environmentally friendly material for plastic card cores (split and single)For brands that have made a commitment to the environment, Nu eCard when used in combination with PET G overlay is a completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. Nu eCard Prints, Laminates, Punches and Performs just like PVC, with the durability and feel of a traditional PVC plastic card. If price is the most important factor, you can use Nu eCard with standard PVC overlay as a cost neutral alternative to 100% PVC cards.
  • Nu PVC core and overlay for the plastic card industry
    Working in partnership with a number of the largest Asian plastics manufacturers from our offices in Hong Kong, we can offer a range of PVC Core products suitable for a variety of different end applications such as: key cards, gift and loyalty cards and specialist material for SIM and Rechargeable cards. We also offer a complete range of coated and uncoated PVC overlays in thicknesses for both European and North American card manufacturers.
  • Nu PET G for the plastic card sector (core and overlays) and graphics industries
    For those customers looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, Nu Agencies can offer single and split core products in an excellent range of calipers, as well as coated and uncoated overlay to match.
  • Nu Polycarbonate a tough and resilient plastic for the card industry
    The Nu Polycarbonate range is made to a very high quality by our partner factory and is suitable for a variety of applications, such as SIM and Inlay cards and Driving Licenses. Furthermore we offer a complimentary range of coated and uncoated overlay.

Additionally we offer:

  • Packaging Board – for header cards and other packaging applications
  • Paperboard – for non plastic cards (North America only)
  • Films and synthetics – for a wide range of different applications and markets

Please enquire about any other materials that you may be looking to source, our offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong have a raft of experience in printable substrates and where to locate them.


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