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Nu: eCard

A unique environmentally friendly material for plastic card cores (split and mono) For brands that have made a commitment to the environment, Nu eCard when used in combination with NU: PET G overlay is a completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. Nu eCard prints, laminates, punches and performs just like standard PVC, with the durability and feel of a traditional PVC plastic card. If price is the most important factor, you can use Nu eCard with standard PVC overlay as a cost neutral alternative to 100% PVC cards. 

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Nu: Paperboard

Produced in the EU for Nu Agencies Nu: Paperboard, it is an extremely rigid and durable paper alternative to traditional plastic materials. 100% Recyclable and FSC certified.

Packaging Boards – Nu: Agencies can also offer a range of traditional packaging products such as SBS or FBB for header cards.

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Core and overlay for the plastic card industry.
Working in partnership with two of the world's largest card material manufacturers, we can offer a range of PVC core and overlay products suitable for a variety of different end applications such as: key cards, gift and loyalty cards and specialist material for SIM Rechargeable and SMART cards. We also offer a wide range of coated and uncoated PVC overlays.

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For those customers looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, Nu: Agencies can offer mono and split core products in an excellent range of calipers, as well as coated and uncoated overlay to match.

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Nu: Polycarbonate

A tough and resilient plastic for the card industry.
The Nu: Polycarbonate range is made to a very high quality by our partner factory and is suitable for a variety of applications, such as SIM and Inlay cards and Driving Licenses. Furthermore we offer a complimentary range of coated and uncoated overlay.

Additionally we offer:

The above products are only a selection of the products we have access to. If you interested in sourcing printable materials for your business please get in touch.